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Limewash Painted Brick – Before and After

Limewash painted brick has become a popular trend and when done properly, this style of painting brick limewashed will last the test of time - not only in regards to how it stands up to weather and time but also in regards to style because it has new and an retro look; all at the [...]


Why Fall Is The Best Time To Paint The Exterior Of Your Home

Best Time To Paint The Exterior Of Your Home in Alpharetta Thinking about painting the outside of your home and wondering when is the best time to paint the exterior of your home in Cumming, Alpharetta or Cumming? Any professional painter can paint the exterior of your home during any time of year, [...]


Residential Exterior Paint Make-over

Here is a recent residential exterior paint make-over job that we completed in 2018. We needed to paint the outside trim, all the existing white, and also the front door. the brick surrounding the Front door was left original while the rest of the brick was painted dark grey to give contrast. Whole house exterior paint [...]


Painted Brick Is In! Know The Pros And Cons Before You Decide.

Does your brick home look old and tired?  If so, don't worry because we have a solution for you - Painted Brick Is In! If you live in Georgia, then there's a good chance you have a home with brick on the exterior of your home and the colors of brick used on these homes [...]


Before and After – Residential Exterior Painting

Here is a home which had loser half brick and the upper [2nd story] siding which gave the home a broken up look and feel.  We prepped the surface of the siding and also the brick and painted both surfaces the same color making the entire home a beautiful white.   Here are the before [...]


Which Paint To Use For Exterior Paint Of Your Home

Which Paint To Use For Exterior Paint Of Your Home So your home is starting to look a bit faded and old and now you are considering painting the exterior of your home but you don't know which paint to use for exterior paint of your home because there are so many options [...]


Is It Safe To Paint Outside During Pollen Season?

Is It Safe To Paint Outside During Pollen Season? Is It Safe To Paint Outside During Pollen Season? It's Pollen season again and you can literally see the pollen in the air.  The pollen is now starting to stick to everything - including the outside of your home.  So if you are in [...]


Consumer Tips For Selecting The Right Painting Contractor in Cumming

With so many painting contractors in Cumming and Alpharetta surrounding areas, it's hard to know what to look for when hiring a professional painter.  That's why we've put together this list tips you should consider for selecting the right painting contractor in Cumming and Alpharetta. Cumming has more painters and painting companies than you can [...]


How Cold Is Too Cold To Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

Living in the South means we are typically blessed with mild winters compared to many other states, but every once and a while we get a long and cold winter where the temperature stays below 50 degrees most of the week and sometimes for the entire month.  You may be thinking about selling your home [...]

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