Should I Paint or Stain My Back Deck?

The best way to cover all horizontal walking areas (flooring and steps) of your back deck is to use an oil based semi-transparent stain or a clear sealer. The problem with painting these horizontal areas of your deck is that the paint just “lays there” on top and will not be absorbed into the wood. [...]

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Roofing Repair and Replacement

Earthly Matters commitment to full customer satisfaction in all areas of residential painting and repair extends to roofing repair and replacement. We provide expert workmanship and materials in shingle roof replacement, shingle roofing repair, and metal roof installation. Earthly Matters is […]

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New Kitchen Cabinets VS Painting Kitchen Cabinets

If you are purchasing a new/used home you may be considering purchasing new kitchen cabinets, but you might be surprised at how cost effective it is to paint your existing cabinets and replacing the hardware vs buying all new cabinets. New kitchen cabinets are expensive and can end up costing you anywhere between $15,000 - [...]

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Is White Paint The New Black for Luxury Real Estate In 2016?

In a bold move, paint manufacturers, interior designers and real-estate developers pick white as their top paint color. In choosing the color of the year, the team at Benjamin Moore found that Mascarpone was too creamy and Ice Mist too frigid. In the end, simply white paint was just the right color for 2016. Never before had [...]

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Choosing Interior Paint Sheen

The interior paint sheen "factor" is basically how shiny the paint looks after application is complete.  Keep in mind that paint sheens are not standardized and may vary slightly from brand to brand. Most paints fall into one of four categories: Flat:  Flat paint (often referred to as matte) is the most non-reflective and is better at hiding imperfections [...]

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Cost To Paint Your House

The best way to reduce the cost to paint any part(s) of your house is to reduce the time (labor cost) it's going to take to do the job.  The way to reduce the time (labor cost) it's going to take is to consider doing some of the more time consuming painting yourself.  This does not suggest that [...]

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Earthly Matters Painting Awarded 2015 Super Service Award

Earthly Matters Painting takes pride in the way we go above and beyond in our service to our customers and it shows.  We've been given the 2015 Super Service Award by Angie's List for the fourth year in a row.

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Painting Ideas For Your Home

Reviewing popular color painting ideas can make your exterior and interior color decisions much easier.  Many homeowners know they want to make color changes.  However, they are overwhelmed by all the available color combinations, not to mention what paint texture to use and where to use it.  If you fall into that category, here are some painting ideas to [...]

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The Exterior Painting Process

If you are planning to paint the exterior of your home, it is helpful to understand the exterior painting process. There are several stages involved, and it's important that they be administered in the correct order. To prepare the designated surfaces to be painted, workers will first pressure wash the area.  A clean and dry surface necessary to [...]

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Stress Free House Painting

Painting your home can be overly stressful, expensive, and complicated. Whether the project is interior or exterior, we offer stress free house painting. We take the time necessary to insure a quality end result that is done right! Earthly Matters Painting, rated one of the best Atlanta house painters, provides clients with affordable prices and services within one to two weeks, [...]

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